The Idea

The big idea was for adidas Originals to stop competing in a category and start competing in culture. To stop relying on history and start creating the future. To stop chasing people with communications and start attracting them through actions designed to build brand equity through cultural currency. Our new mission was defined as, “adidas Originals exists to propel culture from the street up.” The platform became the progenitor for future-forward events, ad campaigns, and the evolution of partnerships with influencers like Kanye West, Pharrell, and Rita Ora.

Based on quant, ethnography studies, in-depth interviews, and culture inquiries, we discovered our audience defines originality in four ways: Bold—carried with a sense of assurance and confidence. Authentic—maintains a sense of integrity and stays true to identity. Challenging—questions the status-quo and pokes fun at power. Re-mixed—takes inspiration from, and plays with, culture. The foundation of our strategic framework was built around these four pillars.