The Audience

Our research revealed that Originals fans had become too old, with 69% of them falling in the 25-35 year-old age bracket instead of the coveted 14-25 year-old range. And in terms of brands with street cred, adidas Originals fell far short of the competition in terms of fan passion, in sixth place behind Nike, adidas main brand, Converse, Jordan, and Vans. So, we focused our efforts on what we called “Leading Edge Sporty Teens.” Based on our research and conversations, they were the most likely to influence peers and culture at large. They’re cool, connected and savvy kids, always searching for what’s next. They revel in the influence they have among their peers who look to them for cues. They love sports, although not all of them are athletes. They wear sportswear to express their identity, not just to relax. They shop in big stores, looking for fresh and familiar brands. They want to shape the future—not for a few, but for everyone—and they want to be known for the difference they’ve made.